What are push notifications?

Push notification allow us to notify users when new articles are available. Push notification feature is automatically ‘on’ when the application is installed. It can be turned off from the settings section of the application.

Frequency of push notification depends on the number of articles published each month.

Users can subscribe or unsubscribe for notification by turning Push Notification On/Off from the settings page of the application.

How can I read offline articles?

The latest top 20 articles are available for offline reading even if a user’s device is not connected to the internet. Alternatively you can mark articles as favorites and read them even if you are not connected to internet.

How can I change the Language?

Users can select a language option when installing application. We currently have two languages available: English or Arabic.

You can switch between English and Arabic language from the ‘settings’ page.

Can I increase font size?

You can increase the font size either from the article detail page or set font size from settings.

Automatic Update

Automatic update option when ON downloads the latest articles when users open the application and is connected to internet.

How can I post comment?

We want to hear from you. You can post your comments by clicking on the comment icon from the ‘article details’ page. You can also post comments for cached articles even if not connected to internet. Your comments will be automatically be submitted once you reconnect to the internet.

Why can’t I watch videos offline?

Videos are not stored for offline viewing. Videos can only be watched when users is connected to internet.

How can I share article?

Users can share the web version of article by email and other social media applications. The number of sharing options depends on what applications are installed on your device. (ie. You can only share on Facebook if the Facebook application is installed on your phone.)

How can i send feebback about this application?

If you have any comment or suggestion regarding this application then please email us at info@khalafalhabtoor.com or you can contact us using contact form of application